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What makes us budgeting experts?

Hi! I'm Jillian, CEO and Founder of Nanny Files. 

I'm a CPA with tons of experience helping companies stay on budget, but that's boring. My focus now is to help busy families understand their childcare costs and stay on top of nanny taxes and other employment requirements.

Figure out exactly how much you can pay your nanny and what that means for your budget.

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Our free budget template will help you:

Calculate nanny taxes

Understand what hourly rate you can afford

See how changes in childcare costs impact your finances

Track your expenses and see what small changes might mean for your bank account

We've helped families save on nanny payroll fees in 23 states and counting

"I am lucky to have found Nanny Files - the monthly rate is completely affordable, and the How-To guides are very easy to follow.  Plus, the payroll system is *so* easy to use."

Rebecca, New Mexico


Follow along for more budget hacks, childcare insights, and tax tips!

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