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The simple, affordable way to pay your nanny

Guided DIY nanny tax & payroll for busy families with thoughtful budgets.

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You don't have to overpay for nanny payroll. 

Most nanny payroll companies want over $1,000 each year just to help you pay your nanny legally. We think that with simple software and expert guidance, you can easily manage your own nanny taxes for a fraction of the cost.  

Simple, guided setup

We'll invite you to our payroll platform and give you access to our signature setup and tax guides. You'll feel like a CPA is walking you through every step. 

Getting Started Is Easy

Calculations, done.

Enter your nanny's hours in our secure payroll software - we'll calculate the payment, taxes, and even track time off.  Pay your nanny any way you choose - Venmo, PayPal, it's up to you!

A friend at tax time

We'll remind you when taxes are due so you'll never get behind.  We'll show you exactly where to go, what to click, and how much to pay.  Need a W-2?  Download it for free from your payroll portal.

What you get

Nanny Files iPhone Mockup.png

Super simple payroll software

Our guides that walk you through every step - written by a CPA and mom of 3

Free W-2s

Nanny portal for instant access to paystubs and W-2s

Support when you need it

Reassurance that you're not missing anything

Hundreds of dollars in savings compared to traditional nanny payroll services

A free week to try us out!

Trusted By Families
Across the US

Brad - Oregon

Rebecca - New Mexico

"I wanted to pay our nanny legally, but I was overwhelmed by all the requirements. Plus the other websites I found were really expensive.  I am lucky to have found Nanny Files - the monthly rate is completely affordable, and the How-To guides are very easy to follow.  Plus, the payroll system is *so* easy to use."

Hear from our happy families in their own words!


I'm Jillian,

the CPA and mom behind Nanny Files. I couldn't find the guided DIY nanny tax service I wanted, so I created exactly that. My goal is to save you (lots of) time and money on your nanny taxes and make your life as a working parent just a little bit easier.

Did you know many states require written nanny contracts?

Get our free, customizable contract delivered to your inbox. It's fully compliant with all state employment requirements and it's one quick way to check something off your to-do list!

Nice work - look out for our nanny contract in your inbox!

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