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How Nanny Files Works

A guided DIY solution for parents who need accurate tax calculations and expert guidance without the $1,000 price tag.

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Super simple payroll software

Our guides that walk you through every step - written by a CPA and mom of 3

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"I wanted to make sure to pay our nanny legally, but I was overwhelmed by all the requirements, and the websites I found to help with this were really expensive.  I am lucky to have found Nanny Files - the monthly rate is completely affordable, and the How-To guides are very easy to follow.  Plus, the payroll system is *so* easy to use."

"Nanny Files offers a great value relative to other nanny payroll services for those willing to do some of the work themselves. They provided clear step-by-step guidance to get started and now that my initial set up is complete, payroll literally takes about 5 minutes each pay period so the ongoing level of effort is minimal. They also send email reminders about tax deadlines that make it easy to remember to submit tax withholdings when due. I looked at several payroll services and had a hard time justifying the high cost relative to the cost of our nanny. I’m very happy about choosing Nanny Files and would highly recommend their services."

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